Installation of ceramic sleeve lined pipe

For the ceramic sleeve lined pipe, the installation process of the lined ceramic ring is mainly divided into three steps: ceramic ring splicing, ceramic ring pasting and grinding.

Ceramic sleeve lined manufacture details

(1) Porcelain ring splicing: Splicing the qualified porcelain rings with 502 quick-drying glue according to the requirements of the drawings to ensure that the interior is flat and there is no large gap.

(2) Porcelain ring paste: wrap the flanges on both sides of the pipe with kraft paper, spread the pipe in the pipe with the adjusted glue to ensure that it is flat, and then open the ceramic ring pipe at the splicing point to ensure that the pipe is intact. Glue to the inner wall of the tube. After fixing, check whether the inner wall of the pipe is dislocated, leaking glue, etc. After the inspection, put the pasted tube in the designated position. The ceramic slurry should be operated strictly according to the drawings. When the ceramic ring is pasted, the ceramic should be properly dislocated to ensure the service life of the pipe.

(3) Grinding: After the adhesive is completely cured, grind the excess ceramic rings on both sides of the pipe to ensure that it is flat and does not damage the flange. After sanding, remove the kraft paper from both ends.