Wear resistant ceramic glue for ceramic tile lined pipes

Type of wear resistant ceramic glue

A class of organic or inorganic, naturally synthesized substances that can connect the same or two or more homogeneous or heterogeneous materials together and have sufficient strength after curing, collectively referred to as adhesives.


  • High bond strength
  • rapid curing
  • not flow on vertical surface

Classification of wear-resistant ceramic adhesives:
According to the application method, it is divided into thermosetting type, hot melt type, room temperature curing type, pressure sensitive type, etc.

The composition of wear-resistant ceramic glue:
Wear-resistant ceramic synthetic adhesive is composed of main agent and auxiliary agent. The main agent is the main component of the adhesive, which is generally composed of one or more polymers. Good adhesion and wettability are required. Substances that can be used as adhesives include: natural polymers, such as starch, cellulose, etc.; synthetic resins, which are divided into two categories: thermosetting and thermoplastic, thermosetting epoxy resin, phenolic resin, etc., thermoplastic polyethylene, polypropylene, etc. ; Rubber and elastomers, such as natural rubber, neoprene, etc.; In addition, there are inorganic binders, such as silicates, phosphates, etc.

In order to meet specific physical and chemical properties, various auxiliary components, called additives, are added. General additives are divided into the following categories: curing agents, solvents, fillers, plasticizers, toughening agents, coupling agents, other additives (initiators, accelerators, stabilizers, antioxidants, etc.).


Wear resistant ceramic glue is widely used to bond ceramic liner with metal, such as coal conveying system of thermal power plant, hopper and silo of discharging system etc.