What is SHS steel?

SHS steel is a popular structural steel tube that has four equal sides, giving it a symmetrical appearance. SHS stands for Square Hollow Section. It has a flat surface for easy joining and soldering with minimal edge preparation required.

How is SHS made?

During the manufacturing process of SHS, the flat steel plate is gradually rounded and the edges are ready for welding. The edges are then welded together to form a round tube called the parent tube. This mother tube then goes through a series of forming processes into the final square shape.

What is the purpose of SHS?

SHS is used in structural, industrial, mechanical and architectural applications requiring a balance of strength, function and aesthetic appeal. They are used to construct frames, doors and columns. Its purpose is similar to that of RHS, and it is generally available in the same thickness as RHS. Galvanized SHS or square hollow section steel is very durable and resists cracks.

Benefits of Using SHS and RHS steel in Construction

  1. The tubular form of SHS and RHS has a better strength to weight ratio than other types of steel, concrete or wood.
  2. A better strength-to-weight ratio helps build more aesthetically pleasing, airy and lightweight structures while reducing material usage and increasing spans.
  3. Since less material is used, there is less waste and, where it exists, it is fully recyclable.
  4. Less construction time means less impact on surrounding communities.
  5. The lightweight nature of the SHS allows for extensions to existing buildings without overloading their foundations.