What is ASTM A213 Tube?

ASTM A213 tubing is seamless ferritic steel and austennitic alloy SS (stainless steel) tubing used in boilers for super heaters, and heat exchangers. ASTM A213 is available in multiple grades. The ASTM A213 Specifications are listed below with the Chemical Composition and Mechanical Properties.

ASTM A 213 tube made of the many grades of A 213 steel are chrome-moly pipes with chromium, molybdenum, and small quantities of manganese and silicon. It is best for many applications in various sectors to provide corrosion resistance even at high temperatures.

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ASTM, or the American Society for Testing Materials, offers specific requirements for pipes and tube high-temperature services. Though ASTM A 213 and A 312 are stainless steel specifications with many similar properties, they also have a few different properties and uses. The following are a few differences among others.

  • SA 213 t2 tube
  • SA 213 t5 tube
  • SA 213 t9 tube
  • SA 213 t11 tube
  • SA 213 t12 tube
  • SA 213 t22 tube
  • SA 213 t23 tube
  • SA 213 t91 tube
  • SA 213 t92 tube
  • SA 213 tp304
  • SA 213 tp304L
  • SA 213 tp316
  • SA 213 tp316L
  • SA 213 tp321
  • SA 213 tp347

ASTM A213 vs A312 tube

  • ASME SA 213 or ASTM A 213 are standard specifications for ferritic and austenitic alloy-steel boilers, heat exchanger tubes,
  • ASTM A 312 is the standard specification for welded, heavily cold-worked, and seamless austenitic stainless steel pipe
  • ASTM 312 has an average wall thickness, whereas ASTM 213 has a wall thickness of 0 to +20% but also accepts wall thickness of plus or minus 10%

ASTM A213 grade covers standard specifications for austenitic and seamless boilers, heat exchangers, and superheated vessels. The ASTM A213 Tube showcases excellent strength and outstanding corrosion resistance properties across an array of stress-induced setups. These robust tubes don’t easily deform under extreme pressures and temperatures. ASTM A213 Stainless Steel Tube in this grade is generally specified in sizes of 3.2mm, having an internal diameter of 127mm, with an outside diameter in the range of 0.4mm up to 12.7mm. They are generally divided into T5, T9, T11, T12, T22, and T91 types. The ASTM A213 Pipe has an excellent chemical composition and mechanical properties. These pipes can be processed in hot or cold rolling properties giving them desired characteristics. These features allow them to be utilized in a wide spectrum of industries.

The A213 grade modules are generally designed in seamless and welded types. In the SA 213 Stainless Steel Seamless Tube, hot steel billets are passed through metal via an extrusion process. This allows the tubes to be shaped in correct dimensions, making them suitable for an array of applications. Designed without any seams or welds, the ASME SA213 Seamless Tubing has higher corrosion resistance properties. The pressurized vessel grade ensures that the strength and load-bearing capacity in the tube is higher. The material is expensive but is preferred in harsh environments where other tubes would distort. The A213 SS Welded Tubes offers a cost-effective solution to the user. The robust tubes are generally produced by rolling sheets or strips followed by welding them in place, making use of standard welding procedures. These tubes can be availed in different sizes, unlike seamless tubes that are restricted to 24 inches. If you want to get a quote on these products or learn more about their features, get in touch with us.

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