What are the advantages of seamless carbon steel pipe?

We have mention the definition of hot rolling seamless steel pipe will continue to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of hot rolling seamless steel tube with all of you.

Advantages of hot rolling seamless steel pipe

Can damage the ingot casting organization, refine the grain of steel, and eliminate the defects of microstructure, so that the steel structure is dense, mechanical properties improved. This improvement is mainly reflected in the rolling direction, so that the steel to a certain extent is no longer an isotropic body; pouring the formation of bubbles, cracks and loose, but also in the high temperature and pressure under the welding.

Disadvantages of hot rolling seamless steel pipe

1.After hot rolling, non-metallic inclusions (mainly sulfides and oxides, as well as silicates) inside the steel are pressed into flakes and delamination (interlayer). Stratification makes the performance of the steel in the thickness direction greatly deteriorated, and there may be tearing occurs when the weld shrinks. The local strain induced by the weld shrinkage often reaches several times the yield point strain, much larger than the load caused by the load;

2.Unstable cooling caused by residual stress. Residual stress is in the absence of external force under the action of internal self-balanced, all kinds of cross-section of hot-rolled steel have such residual stress, the general steel cross-sectional size, the greater the residual stress. Although the residual stress is self-balanced, but the steel components under the action of external force or have a certain impact. Such as deformation, stability, anti-fatigue and other aspects may have a negative effect.

3. Hot-rolled steel products, for the thickness and side width of this bad control. We are familiar with the thermal expansion and contraction, because the beginning of the hot rolled out even if the length of the thickness of the standard, the final cooling or there will be a certain negative difference, the wider the width of the gap, the thicker the more obvious the performance. So for large steel, for the steel side width, thickness, length, angle, and the edge can not be too precise requirements.

The seamless carbon steel pipe manufacturing process starts with a solid, round steel billet. This billet is then heated to great temperatures and stretched and pulled over a form until it takes the shape of a hollow tube. All steel pipe suppliers will tell, there are three great advantages to making a pipe in this way.

Increased Pressure Ratings

The greatest advantage of seamless pipe is their increased ability to withstand pressure. The weakest point in a welded steel pipe is the welded seam. But because a seamless steel pipe has not been welded, it doesn’t have that seam, making it equally strong around the entire circumference of the pipe.It is also much easier to determine pressure calculations without being required to take weld quality into consideration.Although seamless pipe can sometimes be more expensive than welded pipe, this increased ability to withstand pressure allows you to use pipes that are thinner and lighter, which can help cut down on expenses.

Uniformity of Shape

Because welded seam pipe is wrapped around another form before it is welded, and because welding adds heat, stress and other extraneous variables to the forming process, it can never be as round as seamless steel pipe.Seamless steel pipe is a continuous extrusion of the alloy, meaning that it will have a round cross section that you can count on, which is helpful when you’re installing pipes or adding fittings.

Strength Under Loads

Seamless steel pipe can sometimes be more expensive than other forms of steel pipe, but it’s also more reliable.This is because it has greater strength under loading. Empty pipe must always support its own weight, but when a pipe is filled with material–or under load–it must also support that weight as well. Pipe failures and leaks in welded pipes usually occur at the welded seam. But because seamless pipe doesn’t have that seam, it isn’t subject to those failures.

These benefits make seamless steel pipes the preferred material in an array of commercial pipe applications, including ship building, pipelines, oil rigs, oil field equipment, pressure vessels, machinery parts and offshore rigs. An additional benefit of seamless pipes is that they perform well in harsh conditions, which means that they can be used in extremely cold or hot environments.

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